Student Profiling:

Capture current snap shot of the student.

telescope-iconWe use a comprehensive questionnaire to elicit the student’s aspirations, goals, academic profile, interests, achievements, extracurricular activities and special talents. This serves as a baseline to identify strengths that can be leveraged upon, and areas to be improved when creating a persuasive application.

Creating a College List:

map-iconIdentify colleges where the student can thrive both academically and personally.

CollegeCompass will match the applicant to a range of Reach, Fit and Safety schools. This process is contextualized by the student’s aspirations, interests and expressed criteria, and may be reviewed and refined in consultation with the parent and the student.

Timeline & Goal Setting:

steering-wheel-iconStrategically and systematically prepare an application timeline, individual to each student, so no important deadlines are missed!

CollegeCompass will help draw up and monitor the student’s application season timeline taking into view their current academic commitments at school. This will ensure that they have sufficient time to undertake the various standardized tests and so-called optional internships service attachments, required to boost their profile.

Tackling Essays & Personal Statements:

bottle-iconCreate an authentic narrative that best expresses the student’s voice.

CollegeCompass will guide the student in narrating their personal story in as strong a voice as possible. The essay writing process will be a collaborative task in which College Compass will help the student brainstorm responses to application prompts, support and develop the student’s ideas, critique drafts and edit until the desired result is achieved.

Activity Listing:

bird-iconCraft a list of activities which reflect genuine passion, commitment and leadership. 

CollegeCompass will help craft a detailed and well-structured activity profile for the student, such that it effectively and accurately highlights their interests and demonstrates their personal qualities.


Extracurricular Portfolios:

lamp-iconShowcase any exceptional talents that the student may have fostered throughout their school years.

This is the often over-looked ‘talent’ component of applications that although optional, could get you that sought-after place. For students with an impressive portfolio in dance, theater, sports, music, painting etc. outside school, CollegeCompass will guide them in creating a supplementary portfolio showcasing the best of the student’s accomplishments.


Preparing for Interviews:

anchor-iconRefine the student’s interview technique, to ensure that they are prepared and confident for the real thing.

Interviews are all about the practice! CollegeCompass will help prepare the student by conducting multiple mock interviews with internal and external consultants, who will provide individualized feedback and advice to help students tackle their real interview.