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Founder’s Note: The Origin of CollegeCompass

Education has always been close to my heart. I was given the opportunity to attend highly reputed schools and colleges. Needless to say, it was not so difficult back in my day, where if you had good grades and the financial support, you could find your way into the most renowned institutions.

Things are different today. Competition is so fierce that children have become trapeze artists, balancing multiple activities alongside their academics, all in the name of getting into the most coveted universities. In the process, they are losing out on the most enjoyable period of their high school lives. It is undoubtedly a stressful time, but it should not consume the student and by extension, their family. With a little foresight and guidance, it is possible to make this journey to college an enjoyable learning experience. This has been my biggest takeaway from having gone through the process multiple times, with my own two children and several others who have sought my advice.

With this experience, my goal is to guide students in their formative years of high school, equipping them with skills to get them through their journey to college and beyond.


Student Profiling
Creating a College List
Timeline and Goal setting
Tackling Essays
Activity Listing
Extracurricular Portfolios
Preparing for Interviews